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“Dead Boss Cemetery Dot Com was a very interesting and unique novel. It was an easy read, which I read in one sitting, as I was engrossed in the story line of these three women – the UN trio. I really enjoyed that because of the length of the novel, there were not any lulls in their story. The characters were very well developed and it certainly kept me on the hook to read vol. 2.

Fitzgerald keeps the reader in her seat with all of well thought out mystery. The ‘who dun it’ certainly has potential to go sideways however Raquel Zepeda Fitzgerald definitely kept me interested throughout the entirety.

A concoction of mystery, thriller and action with a unique spin on crime.”  J. Woods

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Dead Boss Cemetery Dot Com is about three ex-Jehovah's Witnesses who start Métier, an employment agency.  Due to the fact that Sasha is African American, Marsha is Italian-Irish, and Francesca is Hispanic; they were pegged as the “UN Trio” during their junior high school years.  Through it all, they become the best of friends.

When their business starts going down after many people quit their jobs due to mean bosses, they come up with a brilliant idea. They create a fantasy revenge website where you pretend to execute your boss. Unfortunately, a serial killer starts doing just that: killing off mean bosses.  13,400 words